• Ask a small question to get your imagination engaged
  • Doodle or sketch
  • Quick write
In 1 minute you can
A delightful e-book to spark your your creativity in just
a minute or two!

"Playful, gentle, imaginative writing and prompts will trigger your muse, simply because this book is so delightful and fun to read. It's kind of irresistible so make sure you have five minutes to play. I'm so impressed, you will be too."

~ Jill Badonsky, author, artist, and founder of Kaizen-Muse" coaching

  • Is it a challenge to find time to do something creative?
  • Need a gentle boost or a rejuvenating zap?
  • Want to experience the joy of creative expression?
  • Can you to invest $8 in yourself?
In 2 minutes you can
  • Daydream or take a mini vacation
  • Try an Amuse Mint
  • Balance and Brush
  • Do some Acronym Acrobatics 
  • Step outside watch the clouds
  • Try your hand at a blind contour drawing then colour it in
Imagine what you could do with a whole little book full of ideas, helpful tips and imperfectly perfect examples of 
the joy of being creative!
Download includes options to view online in a flip book style and as a PDF.
In 5 minutes you can
The Purple Ink Cafe
Only $8